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Helping broken women thrive

Home At Last is a faith-based residential program that operates out of a beautiful home in Lincoln.  We minister to women with life-controlling problems that are coming out of addiction, homelessness, incarceration, domestic violence, etc.  We provide them with a safe and structured place to live (free of charge) for up to eighteen months where we share the gospel with them and teach them God's Word so that they can grow in their relationship with Jesus and be transformed into all that God created them to be.  They spend approximately 9-12 months in the residential portion of the program, where they are fully engaged in things like daily devotions, Bible classes, personal studies, character development, etc.  Then they are able to stay for an additional 6-9 months and work, save up for housing and transportation (if needed), develop a support network and work through any potential barriers to continued success after they complete the program.  We consider this a discipleship program with the end goal being that disciples are being made and that the women would go out and continue the work of the Great Commission in disciples making disciples in their own communities and ultimately, in the world.


Our Mission is to provide a unique, loving, and Christ-centered environment to challenge and inspire each individual to awaken their inner desire to change, while building the foundation necessary for recovery.

Home at LAST is a Christian-based clean and sober living program that serves adult women (18+) who are overcoming drug, alcohol or other addictions.  Home at LAST provides a long-term residential opportunity to women who are referred to our program and are participating in an ongoing recovery program using proven addiction treatment methods and principles. The Home at LAST program does not allow for children or pets.


Home at LAST activities include working a proven 12 step program with a sponsor and walking through the steps uninterrupted as a recovery plan is put in place. Being connected to a fellowship of likeminded people that are recovering is a must as healthy relationships are established. We start each day with prayer, praying for our families and asking for God’s help to be strong throughout the day and live life the way life is supposed to be, healthy and a contributing member of society. Healthy meal planning and eating are enjoyed as a group and exercise is highly encouraged. We go to church on the week-end and enjoy a Christian atmosphere throughout the week. Bible study is offered and encouraged and sharing what we are learning with one another solidifies this new way of thinking in our minds and in our hearts. After an appropriate period of time for each individual, employment will be required to become independent and self-sustaining. Chores, schedules and rules to live in harmony with one another are clearly defined and required to remain in our residence. Respect for one another and their property is mandatory to remain in a peaceful loving home.

Many of the women we serve are coming out of incarceration, homelessness and/or addiction. The resources these women have are extremely limited. Since 2012 we have been going into Folsom Prison, Placer County Jail and Chowchilla Prison to reach the hurting and hopeless. We have seen so many lives changed and families reunited by the power of God and His faithfulness to forgive and restore.

Please consider supporting our life-changing work! We rely on individual donations from people just like you.  We would so appreciate your support through a monthly partnership. This would allow us to cover the daily expenses as well as our entire successful program. If you are unable to make a monthly contribution, a one-time gift would be an amazing help for us to serve these women who are desperate for the hope only Jesus can provide


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